3rd Grade Behavior Letter

Hello families!

At Woodland, we use a Clip Chart to help track behavior. This tracker is used school-wide. These colors represent positive and negative behavior choices. The entire class starts fresh each day in the middle of the chart, on green. Students document their end-of-day color in their in-school Leadership Notebooks. These colors help communicate to you what kind of day your student had at school. We hope this visual is helpful! Each student’s color is recorded daily in their agenda for you to sign and acknowledge.

Here’s to a fantastic year!
The 3rd Grade Team


Student’s Color

Description of Each Level

Clipped Off

Student exceeded expectations for the day! They get to clip on to their homeroom teacher for their WONDERFUL behavior/academic choices. This is a HUGE deal for our students and something to be proud of!

Should a student clip up again, they will leave the room and share their clip with another adult leader in the building.


Student clipped up and/or made positive choices three different times in one day. They have reached the top of the chart!


Student clipped up and/or made positive choices two different times in one day.


Student clipped up once for a positive behavior and/or academic choice.


This is where all students begin their day. They’re “choosing their weather” for their day and will set goals. Having a “Green Day” is perfectly fine; the student is appropriately meeting the expectations.


Student made a poor behavior choice and had to clip down once. This is just a warning, and an opportunity to correct their behavior. 


Student made two poor choices and/or didn’t correct the first negative behavior, so they had to clip down twice. 


Student has repeatedly made poor choices throughout the day, and have clipped to the bottom of the chart. Depending on the choices made, consequences apply accordingly.

Should a student clip down again, appropriate consequences, such as parent contact and/or a visit to the Office, will occur, as well as additional loss of privileges.