4th Grade Spelling  


Spelling in Ms. Thurman's 4th Grade Class is located in the weekly newsletter.  Please pay special attention to the spelling/vocabulary list(s) provided when studying your words and don't forget to check out what we are doing during the week!

  • Be Prepared

    Students will clip down for not being prepared for class. Please have your assignments daily and turn them in before the 8:00am (provided the student is not tardy).  Assignments are due on Tuesday and Friday morning.

  • Spelling/Vocabulary Homework

    Monday - Write your vocabulary words in your agenda (use your very best handwriting)
    Tuesday - Write your vocabulary words 3 times each (use your very best handwriting) - study definitions of your words using the Reading Notebook page
    Wednesday - Write your vocabulary words in a meaninggul sentence (use your very best handwriting) - study spelling of your vocabulary words
    Thursday - Take a written pretest with someone at home (use your very best handwriting)

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