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Music Specialist
school: 270-769-5983

plan time:   10:20 - 11:00 am


My name is Aaron Dale, and I grew up right here in Hardin County!  I love teaching your awesome students, but what I love most is learning from them!   
I've been the music teacher for  G.C. Burkhead since 2012, and have been teaching in Hardin County since 2002.  Before that I taught high school marching band and percussion for various high schools all across Kentucky. I attended the University of Kentucky to earned a bachelor of music education degree - certified to teach K - 12 music. While at UofK, my focus was percussion, and I studied with world-renowned professor, James Campbell. I performed in many musical ensembles, including the Steel Drum Band, Wind Ensemble, and Orchestra.   I also earned a Masters of Science degree in Special Education from Campbellsville University.  In addition to teaching full time, I write music for vocal groups all over the world. Here's a youtube playlist of fun things i've been involved with:   https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLPC-ZI6mjIm57Jpvs4XxkGRBrTDs6M06


My Family
Samantha, Liam, Lindy, Lief, Liza, and two dogs:  Lilly and Patch! laugh



Interesting things I did as a kid
....many, many years ago...I used to skateboard all the time - heavily!  All over Hardin and Jefferson County.  I did this all through high school and into my first year of college.  I loved music, but somehow I became addicted to skateboarding in 9th grade.  Caused a lot of bruises and twisted ankles!

I also used to snowboard - even got to do it some in Germany and Austria...but stopped in 2001...knees can't take it any more...plus Kentucky is not really a big area for skiing and snowboarding :(

I played basketball for Radcliff Middle School (now North Middle) in 7th grade, then moved to Vine Grove and played for J.T. Alton Middle School in 8th grade.  After that, in 9th grade, I moved to Fulda, Germany.  I was on the same high school basketball team as Shaquille O'Neal.  Yes!  Same team!...   

but.... he left the year before I arrived!  So, I wasn't "actually" on the same team "with" him :)  He went on to stardom, while I stopped growing taller and switched over to soccer.  

Speaking of soccer... I was on the first ever JV Soccer team for North Hardin High School in 8th grade.  

I attended Parkway Elementary - which is now North Park Elementary in Radcliff... where all the Kindergarten children attend.  

I have 4 younger brothers - I'm the oldest of 5 boys... 

We all sang together as kids - had a couple of combinations of a quartet.  We sang barbershop and other fun music.

What I like to do today
...Lots of stuff... Including:

  • Most things music related
  • Playing video games with my kids.
  • going to the gym
  • Playing my drumset


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