18-19 Dress Code

NMS Dress Code

If a student’s dress and appearance is, in the opinion of school authorities, inappropriate for our school environment, the student will be instructed to correct the problem before attending class.

  • Jeans, khakis, capris or equivalent are acceptable
  • Shorts, skirts, or dresses no shorter than 3 inches above the knee (leggings, hose, or tights do not alter the required length)
  • No holes 3 inches above the knee, tears or fraying
  • No loungewear/pajamas at any time
  • May not promote drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, violence, gangs or vulgarity
  • No inappropriate or suggestive wording or pictures
  • Shirts and tops must have sleeves.  Bare midriffs, sheer or see through clothing, bare backs, off the shoulder tops, tank tops, jerseys, and shirts with cut out sleeves are not allowed
  • No tops revealing cleavage or undergarments
  • Shorts and pants should be worn at the waistline (no sagging)
  • No chains or finger gloves
  • Belts must be through the belt loops and not hanging
  • No bandanas (not even as headbands), do rags, picks, combs, or brushes in the hair
  • No head coverings to include hats, hoods, etc.
  • Slides and flip flops are acceptable, but house shoes are not


If a staff member feels that a clothing style is in violation of the dress code or substantially disruptive to the education process, these procedures will take place: student will alter the style or call the parent/guardian for a change of clothes. 

The right to wear particular types of clothing may be taken away from students who violate the dress policy.  Our dress code is based upon common sense and reason.  If you are in doubt concerning what may or may not be worn to school, please ask a staff member.  

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