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North Middle School Library Mission Statement:

The mission of the North Middle School library media program is to empower students as proficient readers, effective, self-reliant, and critical users of ideas and information, thereby encouraging lifelong learning.  


  • Provide resources in a variety of formats and developmentally appropriate levels in order to meet the information and reading needs of students.
  • Provide open access to the media center to allow students daily opportunities to browse, explore and use media center resources.
  • Provide assistance to students in carrying out resourced-based learning activities.

Library Media Program

At North Middle, we have flexible scheduling. Any student may visit the library at any time even though there are classes who meet at a scheduled time each week. This basically means that even though a student may come into the library with their class on a given day of the week, they are still able to visit the library at any other time.

The advantages of a flexible library media center schedule are many:

  • Students develop important skills which will enable them to better manage the information explosion and become more effective users of a wide variety of information resources.
  • The media center is used all day, every day, allowing costly school-owned resources to be used more fully.
  • Students work independently in using library resources and take on more responsibility for their own learning.
  • Students are encouraged to read by being able to check out a book on any day.
  • Teachers view the library media center as an extension of their own classroom with the librarian as a partner in the planning and implementing of learning activities for students which meet curricular needs.
  • Students are allowed to check out two books at a time. They are due back to the library in two weeks. The books should always be returned in the same condition that they were when they were checked out.