Extended School Services (ESS)

Last Updated: 8/28/2018 6:05 PM


Kayla Edlin, Building Coordinator

Extended school services (ESS) is a unique segment of the Kentucky Education Reform Act that provides special funds to every Kentucky school district to provide instructional support services for students who need additional time to achieve expected academic goals. These services are provided at separate times from the regular school day and beyond the minimum school day and beyond the minimum school year term of 175 instructional days.

Ess instructors communicate with the regular classroom teachers in an effort to assist the students both during and after the regular school hours.

How are students referred to ESS?

In most cases, classroom teachers refer students. Referrals may also be made by other school staff, parents, or by the students themselves. Requests for placement in extended school programs are give to the ESS building coordinator or school counselor, who will then determine if the ESS offerings would be appropriate and helpful to the student's needs.