strategic plan release

Hardin County Schools Superintendent Teresa Morgan presented the district’s three-year strategic plan to the Hardin County Board of Education at the Board’s December 19, 2019 meeting.  The plan has finalized after nearly a year of meetings with district administrators, classified staff, certified staff, parent groups, students and community members.  The process was facilitated by Studer Education, the district’s partner in the initiative.

Nearly one-thousand staff members and community members provided feedback to Hardin County Schools through focus group meetings and surveys.  This valuable input helped guide the plan’s direction.  

A summary of the surveys and community forums findings include:

  • Strengths: 
    • Student focus – a belief that student needs are put first
    • Dedicated teachers and staff – a belief that people care
    • Focus on more than college-prep – a belief that students must be life-, career- and college-ready
    • Multiple opportunities for students to learn and be successful
    • Strong communication – particularly with One-Call and social media.
  • Opportunities for improvement / challenges to address: 
    • Increasing student engagement and ownership in learning, behavior and accountability
    • Ways to address increasing student mental health challenges and behaviors (awareness and assistance) 
    • Employee retention, engagement and recognition
    • Helping parents be more engaged and involved in their student’s learning & school activities
    • Increasing consistency of messaging between schools and uniform messaging to families across the district 
    • More efficient use of resources for identified priorities as well as heightened efficiency of processes within the district.
  • Most important things students should know and do upon graduation:
    • Life Skills – understanding personal finances, students living on their own independently & successfully, communicate effectively (face-to-face, written communication using more than social media), work well with others, problem-solve
    • Have a work ethic, be self-motivated
    • Basic Skills of Reading, Writing and Math.
  • Key values
    • Caring and supportive
    • Respect
    • Safe - both physically and emotionally 
    • Ensuring student success
    • Community.
  • Key measures of success
    • Increasing graduation rate
    • Increasing matriculation for two- and four-year colleges, military, direct to trade/work
    • Stronger measures of parent involvement.

There are four commitments that will help meet the school district meet its desired goals.  With each commitment, there are key strategic actions and measurable goals.  These items will be reviewed monthly to determine the effectiveness of each measure.  The four commitments are as follows:

  • All students will learn in a safe & engaging environment and graduate career & college-ready.
  • All employees will be engaged and valued. 
  • All parents and community partners will be engaged and valued. 
  • As stewards of our community’s resources, all district and school processes & operations will be effective and efficient.

“I am excited about the opportunities for success that are before us,” Mrs. Morgan said.  “This strategic plan gives us a solid road map in planning the future for our county’s students.  Our community does an excellent job in supporting our students and staff.  Therefore, we have a duty to provide a clear vision of our success stories, our opportunities for growth and the steps we will take to achieve our goals.  This plan will help us assist students to become productive citizens and leaders in our county, state, region, country and world.

“We are grateful to our stakeholders for participating in this process.  We also appreciate the great deal of patience our staff members exhibited while the plan was assembled. 

“This document will be reviewed and updated a minimum of four times per year,” Mrs. Morgan added.  “When a goal has been accomplished, we will celebrate that success.  We’ll then set new goals that will represent student needs at that time.  We always want to remain focused on student growth and student success.  We realize that new technology, job opportunities and community needs will continue to change and we must utilize the most effective strategies to meet those challenges.    We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our students and our community.   Hardin County Schools is a successful district because of our community partners and our dedicated staff are committed to doing what is best for our students.” 

CLICK HERE for the entire strategic plan.  



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