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HCS has stepped away from asking parents to share information updates on paper.  Those updates are now acquired through the Infinite Campus® Parent Portal system.  

The window to update information electronically will open on July 12, 2022 and close on August 5.

Parents need to know the following information before starting the annual updating process: 

  • To access the documents and properly submit information, parents must have an Infinite Campus® Parent Portal login username and password.  
  • If a parent already has an Infinite Campus Parent Portal login, they will not need to acquire a new one.  A parent must contact their child’s school to obtain an initial login number if they do not have one or it has been lost or forgotten.  Infinite Campus is the system that public school districts in Kentucky use to house student information like grades, parent contact information and other important data.  
  • Links to the Parent Portal are on the district’s webpage,  The link can be found under the Parents tab at the top of the page and the Quick Links tab on the right-hand side of the page. 
  • Instructions for the process are now on the district’s webpage under Quick Links and are labeled as Online Annual Update Instructions.
  • If a parent is registering a kindergarten student or a student that is new to the district, parents need to go to their child’s school to begin the process. 

It is IMPORTANT TO NOTE that not all documents will be accessible online and some must be completed on paper.  There are some documents that state/federal regulations require to be completed on paper.


If parents could not attend open enrollment, they are asked to call their child's school to set up a time to come by the school and enroll students. A list of school phone numbers can be found at (mobile phone users will have to turn their phone horizontally to see the complete page content).

CLICK HERE for information on the things you may need for student enrollment.

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