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The Academy at EC3 (the Hardin County Schools Early College and Career Center) and the HCS Early College pathway continue to flourish. 

The Academy at EC3 and the Early College pathway are partnerships between HCS and Elizabethtown Community and Technical College that allow juniors and seniors to take college classes that count for high school credit and college credit hours.  The Academy at EC3 is home to high school juniors who take college classes from ECTC instructors and HCS instructors certified to teach dual credit courses.  Early College pathway students (seniors) take classes with ECTC students on the ECTC campus from college instructors.  

Here are a few important statistics about this school year’s group of Academy and EC3 students and Early College Pathway students. 

  • There were 127 seniors in the Early College pathway.  Seventy (70) of them earned an ECTC associate’s degree 
  • Among the 127 seniors, there were 1,615 total credits earned in the spring semester only.  Those students earned an average grade point average (GPA) of 3.42.
  • 38 earned a spot on the President's List and 27 are on Dean's List
  • 1,637 total credits were earned in the fall semester with an average 3.27 GPA
  • 30 were on the President's List in the fall and 20 were on the Dean's List
  • These students earned a spot on the President’s List in each of the four semesters (Academy at EC3 and Early College pathway) they were enrolled in ECTC.
    • Ciera Bay-Asen – Central Hardin
    • Westin Bowman – Central Hardin
    • Emma Currin – North Hardin
    • Angel Dulaney – North Hardin
    • Lola Hackle – Central Hardin
    • Landon Henry – Central Hardin
    • Nick Jindrich – Central Hardin
    • Michael Kirkpatrick – Central Hardin
    • Tyra Odom – North Hardin
    • Harsh Patel – North Hardin
    • Kauner Shacklette – North Hardin
    • Carter Stevens – North Hardin
    • Charles Tucker – John Hardin
    • Breanna Vessels – Central Hardin
  • 92 HCS juniors were enrolled in the Academy at EC3 both semesters this school year
  • They earned 1,236 credits and assembled a 3.55 GPA in the fall semester
  • 35 students earned positions on the President's List and 25 students were on the Dean's List in the fall semester. 
  • The Early College Academy juniors earned 1,351 credits and had a 3.63 GPA in the spring semester
  • 41 students appeared on the President's List and 24 students earned spots on the Dean's List for the spring semester. 

“I just cannot adequately express the amount of pride I have for these students,” EC3 Principal Dan Robbins said.  “They work hard in the classroom.  They earn high honors in extracurricular activities at their high schools.  They give back to their community in amazing ways.  Our fruitful partnership with ECTC will pay dividends for these students for the rest of their lives.  I’m so grateful to all of the ECTC instructors and HCS family members who provide daily encouragement to them.”  

This group of Early College pathway students is the fourth HCS class to graduate with a high school diploma and an associate’s degree. 

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