notice re fall break 2023

Fall break, winter break and spring break have almost always fallen on the same weeks for both Elizabethtown Independent Schools and Hardin County Schools.  That is why both districts are working together to announce that fall break is anticipated to be a week later than normal in the 2023-24 school calendar.

Fall break has usually been scheduled for the first full week of October each school year.  However, both school districts will ask their respective Boards of Education for the fall break in 2023 to fall during the second full week of October. 

“Many students from both districts take dual-credit classes through Elizabethtown Community and Technical College,” HCS Superintendent Teresa Morgan said.  “ECTC takes its fall break the second full week of October.  Taking ours at the same time will allow dual-credit students to stay on track in the classroom.”

“We know that many people make plans that take them out of town during fall break,” EIS Superintendent Kelli Bush said.  “We wanted to provide notice to students, parents, staff members and our community that this move will take place well before it happens.  We normally share our district calendars in the late fall or early winter before school starts the next August.  However, since many people make detailed plans for fall break, we felt a 21-month notice was in order.”

“We thank our school district leaders for their cooperation,” ECTC President and CEO Juston Pate said. “This move allows dual credit students to stay on track and not miss critical classroom time. With a fall break that matches the college's, which is intentionally scheduled between the two eight-week sessions of the 16-week semester, dual-credit students do not have to choose between going to class or enjoying fall break with their families.”

The Elizabethtown Board of Education and the Hardin County Board of Education will both formally approve their respective 2023-24 calendars later in 2022.  However, both superintendents feel that this move has a strong possibility of taking place and wanted stakeholders to have as much notice as possible.

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