iready assessments

Hardin County Schools is now using the i-Ready Assessment diagnostic from Curriculum Associates to assess its student’s instructional progress throughout the school year. 

The district formerly used the MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) assessment but has transitioned to i-Ready.

As its website states, “the i-Ready Assessment empowers teachers with a deeper knowledge of their students’ needs. Based on industry-leading research … sophisticated data is transformed into meaningful, actionable insights that make differentiating instruction a reality for teachers.”  

Students will participate in two i-Ready testing sessions to assess Reading and Mathematics during the first few weeks of school.

“i-Ready is a wonderful way to measure each student’s growth,” HCS Chief Academic Officer Greg Sutton said.  “The testing information is important to teachers because it indicates a student's areas of strength and areas for growth.  We can’t wait on a once-a-year state test to do that.  i-Ready will provide immediate feedback so our teachers can make the roadmap for academic success.  It indicates where students may need additional support.  It is an even greater tool in helping us provide goal setting for individual students and entire classrooms.”

Parents can help students prepare their students for i-Ready testing by:

  • Ensuring that students are well-rested on school days, especially the day(s) of the test. 
  • Obtaining headphones/earbuds for the i-Ready assessments and ensuring students have them on the day(s) of the tests. Schools may have already asked parents to send these as part of their school supply list. If parents need assistance in acquiring headphones or earbuds, they can contact their child’s school.
  • Talking to students about doing their best so schools can have accurate information about the student’s progress. 
  • Discuss the student’s progress on each assessment with the student’s teacher.

The i-Ready assessments that will take place in the first couple of weeks of school will provide teachers with each student’s baseline scores. 

The i-Ready format uses a different scoring metric.  Therefore, parents need to expect a different data set than what they are accustomed to seeing when they receive i-Ready scores from teachers and administrators in September. 


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