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The Online Learning Academy (OLA) will provide a totally online learning option for families who do not feel safe sending their students to school. This option was first outlined for HCS parents on July 12th, 2020. The differences in OLA and in-person instruction were explained in the Retuning to School Guidance Document. The fine details of the OLA may change over time as this way of teaching and learning is explored. However, communication, rigor, and engagement will always guide the OLA.

It should be noted and emphasized that the OLA is not the same as non-traditional instruction (NTI) - the strategies used by HCS and every other district in the spring of 2020 when schools were forced to close. 

Should a parent choose OLA for their student, that student will stay in the OLA even if the students whose parents chose face-to-face instruction be forced to go to NTI.  


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CLICK HERE to read about Online Academy AND in-person "A/B" learning expectations

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Sample Preschool OLA Schedule

Sample Kindergarten/First Grade OLA Schedules

Sample Elementary OLA Schedule

Sample Middle School OLA Schedule

Each high school will work internally to serve its students who chose OLA. This will allow for the widest variety of course offerings.

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