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Return to Five-Day-A-Week Instruction 2020-21 School Year

All schools are required to follow the Guidance on Safety Expectations and Best Practices for Kentucky Schools.


March 15 – Deadline for parents of elementary and middle school students to let their child’s school know if they are making the change from OLA to in-person or from in-person to OLA.

March 17 – Non-Traditional Instruction Day for all grade levels. NO IN-PERSON INSTRUCTION. No Google Meets on this day.  This day will be used by staff to prepare classrooms, cafeterias, and hallways as well as allow transportation to maneuver routes and child nutrition to prepare for larger lunch sizes.

March 19 – Deadline for parents of high school students to let their child’s school know if they are making the change from OLA to in-person or from in-person to OLA.

March 22 – Elementary & middle school students return to five-day-a-week in-person instruction. This is the beginning of the last grading period for middle school students and one-week into the last grading period for elementary school students.

April 12 – High School students return to five-day-a-week in-person instruction.


Rationale for Returning

  • As of March 9, 2021, approximately 1,700 staff members have been vaccinated.
  • The CDC reports Hardin County has than 20 cases per 100,000
  • Hardin County Schools reports a total of 14 cases
  • The positivity rate is less than 4%
  • Middle schools will begin their 4th quarter on March 22nd.
  • Elementary schools will be one week into a new quarter.
  • Families will continue to have the option of OLA or returning to in-person.
  • Our students need the consistency of 5 days per week.
  • 5 days a week will allow us to offer the social and emotional support students need.
  • The Centers for Disease Control supports a return to school with appropriate health and safety measures implemented.
  • This provides us the opportunity to access the student’s readiness level to determine the next steps such as Extended School Services and summer enrichment and/or remediation. 
  • We miss our students and this is why we work in education!  

Hardin County Schools is committed to the safety of our students and staff and the following provisions will be implemented.

  • We will follow the updated guidance of KDE. (Link above.)
  • Parents will do a daily screening of their child/ren before school
  • Temperature checks will be taking on all who enter our buildings
  • Masks are required of anyone entering our buildings (Except while eating.)
  • Masks to be worn correctly and consistently
  • Mask breaks will be scheduled for students
  • Social distancing will continue to the greatest extent possible (KDE guidance) 
  • When acceptable social distancing cannot be achieved, each school will develop a plan of action to maintain social distancing and ensure continued instruction.
  • Social distancing will be maintained to the greatest extent possible, family members will be seated together.
  • Classes may use pods to reduce the number of contacts
  • Breakfast and lunch will be socially distanced
  • Our daily cleaning regimens will continue
  • Hand sanitizer will be readily available to all staff and students
  • Frequent handwashing will continue and will be emphasized   
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of desks and surfaces will continue
  • Deep cleaning and disinfecting of buildings each evening 
  • Seating charts for buses, classrooms, and cafeterias will be maintained to assist with contact tracing.  
  • School will remain closed to visitors unless approved by the superintendent or designee
  • There will be no assemblies of a large body of students until further notice

Hardin County Schools is committed to returning to school in a way that is safe for our students and our staff.  Each school will use the above guidelines to create a safe environment in each of our schools.  Guidelines concerning contact tracing will remain in effect following the latest guidance from the CDC.