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All Hardin County Schools students whose parents have chosen the traditional face-to-face instruction model will attend school on a hybrid “A/B” schedule when school resumes on Monday, August 24, 2020.

  • “Group A” will be made up of students with last names that begin with the letter “A” through the letter “K”.  “Group A” will attend school for in-person instruction on Monday and Thursday of each week.  
  • “Group B” will be made up of students with last names that begin the letter “L” through the letter “Z”.  “Group B” will attend school for in-person instruction on Tuesday and Friday of each week.   
  • When students are not in school for in-person instruction, they will have assignments and projects to complete.  
  • Wednesdays will be used for instructional enrichment/enhancement activities and students will be invited to participate on this day at school (on an “as-needed” basis).  
  • Schools will work with families who have children whose last name may begin with a different letter of the alphabet than other students in the home and will work to possibly place them in a different group.
  • Preschool students will follow this same schedule.  Preschool students will start school on September 1, 2020.  
    • Pre-K students currently in four-day-per-week classrooms will attend four days (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). 
    • PreK students currently in two-day-per-week classes will still attend two days (either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday). Parents are asked to call the HCS Early Childhood Education Office with questions at 270-769-8911.
  • Students who attend in-person learning at the College View Campus will also be placed into the hybrid “A/B” schedule with the exception of CVC elementary students. Those students will attend school four days a week.  Wednesday will remain an enrichment day.  

HCS made this change for high school students on July 27.  The decision to place all students in the hybrid “A/B” schedule was made after a review of the overwhelming number of students whose parents chose face-to-face instruction and after the Hardin County Board of Education’s vote to ensure traditional face-to-face instruction would take place.

“We understand that this is a big change,” HCS Superintendent Teresa Morgan said.  “Our school principals and other administrators have run numbers, moved around classrooms and worked through many situations to ensure we follow the Healthy at School Guidelines.  Our attempts to hire the needed additional staff to reduce numbers in classrooms has not been as productive as we hoped.  This is simply the best option we have.  We are diligently working to find childcare options for families who may need it during this time.”

Wednesdays will be used for enrichment for the students who attend school in the face-to-face instructional model.  When students in “Group A” are not in school on Tuesdays and Fridays, they will work on projects and homework from home.  The same is true for “Group B” students when they are not in school on Mondays and Thursdays.  

HCS will offer a virtual question and answer session for this initiative at noon on Monday, August 17 at noon.  It will be streamed live on YouTube.  CLICK HERE to watch the Q-and-A session.  It will be available at this link after the live stream in case interested parties cannot watch it live.

CLICK HERE for a form that allows parents, staff and community members to ask questions before, during and after the session. 

Mrs. Morgan, HCS Chief Academic Officer Greg Sutton, Chief Operations Officer John Stith and Janay Sutton, HCS Director of Health Services will be on hand to answer questions.  It will be moderated by HCS Community Relations Specialist John Wright.

Only questions that arrive to HCS via the form on the website will be asked during the Q-and-A session.  Questions posted to HCS social media sites will be answered at a later time.  

Revisions will be made to the Reopening Plan on the HCS website early next week to reflect this change.  Those who have questions about the HCS Online Learning Academy can view the Reopening Plan.

PLEASE NOTE - This is for students whose parents have chosen the In-Person Learning Model only.  This does not affect students whose parents have chosen the HCS Online Learning Academy Model.