Parent Involvement

Home-School ConnectionWill I be able to meet with my child’s teacher as he/she begins school?

Home visits are made as your child begins school. This is the time for you to share with your child’s teacher goals and concerns you have for your child. Your child’s teacher will also do a home visit at the end of the school year to share progress and information about your child’s program the next year.  As the needs arise, there may be more home visits throughout the year.      

How will I know what is happening in my child’s classroom? 

  • Your child’s teacher will make frequent contacts through monthly classroom newsletters and individual notes. Phone contacts are also made. 
  • Parents are encouraged to frequently observe in the classroom, spend time volunteering or have lunch with their child. Parents are always welcome and invited to assist on field trips and special activities. 

How will I know how my child is doing in preschool?

Your child’s teacher will schedule a conference in the middle of the school year (late January-Mid March).  During this conference, your child’s teacher will share your child’s strengths and set goals in your child’s area to grow.   You are encouraged to contact your child’s teacher at anytime you would like information regarding progress. 

What other ways can I be involved with the school? 

  • You will have input into workshops that will be offered in your child’s preschool classroom one Friday per month.   
  • You can attend other parent workshops at different times throughout the school year through your Family Resource Center. Various parent support groups are also available.
  • You can be active in your schools Parent Teacher Organization and have input in your school’s Site Based Council.