Goals and Objectives

Last Updated: 7/31/2020 3:53 PM

The physical component of the Hardin County Schools' Preschool Program will:playground

  • develop small and large motor abilities and skills;
  • provide daily opportunities to use large muscles in running, jumping, balancing, etc.;
  • provide daily opportunities to use small muscles in activities such as pegboards, puzzles, painting, cutting, etc.;
  • offer breakfast and/or lunch to each child daily;
  • provide developmental screening.


The sofriendscial component of the preschool program will:

  • develop consideration for other people and respect for materials and equipment;
  • develop the skill of solving interpersonal problems effectively through talking, negotiating, and helping; and
  • develop a capacity for relating in a positive way to adults other than the parents.


The emotional component of the preschool program will:happy girlstudent

  • develop self-concept or build self-esteem;
  • develop self-confidence and the willingness to try new skills;
  • develop independence and responsibility;
  • develop self-control through positive guidance techniques;
  • develop the ability to handle problems constructively; and
  • develop a positive attitude toward school.


The intellectual component of the preschool program will:

  • develop curiosity, self-expression and creativity;
  • increase the attention span;
  • expand early concepts, pre-reading and pre-math skills;
  • improve language development and all communication skills;
  • develop literacy through meaningful experiences such as listening to stories, taking field trips, dictating stories, seeing classroom charts and other print in use, participating in dramatic play, talking informally with others and experimenting with writing by drawing, copying and inventing their own spelling; and
  • promote aesthetic appreciation and expression through art, music, books and nature.