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Last Updated: 10/21/2019 8:40 PM

Hello HCS Family!!

All of us are excited about completing open enrollment!!  Please send us a picture of yourself telling us how excited you are to GET IT DONE!!  E-mail those to wanda.ballard@hardin.kyschools.us or you can send it by pony (if you use the pony, please make sure that you put your name on the photo).

If you share your picture with us, you will be entered into a drawing for prizes!  These prizes include gift cards and some HCS swag!  

We will have a PHOTO BOOTH at the Benefits Fair on October 22! We can take your picture after you complete your enrollment and enter it into the contest as well.


The Benefits Fair will be Tuesday, October 22, 2019, at EC3 from 4:00-7:00 PM


Here is the information you should have already received from HCS Director of Employee Benefits Wanda Ballard and a link to OPEN ENROLLMENT:


This is a reminder that OPEN ENROLLMENT for full-time employees, is underway for the 2020 calendar year.  The window opened on Monday, October 14 and closes on Wednesday, October 30, 2019!  Be sure to log onto the KHRIS.KY.GOV web site and re-enroll.  This is a mandatory enrollment this year.  We will address a few items below that have come up, based on those that have already enrolled.  As always please let us know if you have any questions.  The entire benefit guide is available by CLICKING HERE!


When you log onto the system there are 5 easy steps to your enrollment.  The first couple of steps are asking you to verify your personal information and your dependent information.  Then you will see the health insurance page.  Your current plan should be listed, but do not just breeze over this page!!!  You should click on the pencil to the left and bring up the selections.  Make sure that the plan that is checked is the correct plan that you want for the calendar year 2020.  Then make sure that EVERYONE that is to be covered has a checkmark by their name at the bottom of the page.


  • If you have a waiver card (because you do not carry health insurance through HCS), when you are on the health insurance page ...make sure that you are selecting the correct waiver card.  Click on the pencil and follow the directions listed.  (If you have a question about which waiver card you should have, please give us a call).


  • The same tab that has the health insurance plans listed, allows you to select or maintain ANTHEM Dental or Vision.  If you currently have these plans, they will show up...you will need to verify as stated above that these are the plans that you want.  If nothing shows up here, that means that you DO NOT currently have ANTHEM dental and or vision.  You can sign up for these plans in this location, or you can drop these plans in this location.  Just click on the paper icon (on the left) and follow the instructions.  


  • The next step is FSA-FLEXIBLE SPENDING-health care or dependent care.  IF YOU WANT TO CONTRIBUTE MONEY TO A FLEXIBLE SPENDING CARD FOR THE CALENDAR YEAR 2020, YOU MUST ENROLL HERE!  (Just because you contribute to an FSA this year, does not guarantee that you will have it next year.  This is money that YOU contribute to the plan, so you have to elect to contribute each year!)  Notice that you must enter an ANNUAL amount.  This is the amount that you want to contribute for the year.  Do not put a monthly amount here!  The system will calculate the monthly premium.  Also note that the system refers to a number that is divisible by 24....this is for districts that pay twice monthly.  Hardin County Schools pays once a month so this number will be divisible by 12.  You still enter your yearly contribution amount...but be aware that the number that you see as a monthly contribution will need to be multiplied by 2 so that you know what you pay monthly.


  • The next tab will show your overview...if everything looks correct, click the SAVE button at the top of the page!  If not, you can go back to the steps and make corrections.  The final step is to print your confirmation.  As long as everything looks correct and says 01/01/2020 you are complete for another year!!!!!


  • OPTIONAL BENEFITS:  These are the benefits that are offered through Hardin County Schools, and consist of: Delta Dental, Avesis Vision, Mutual of Omaha: Voluntary Life Insurance for yourself, your spouse and your dependents, as well as Short and Long Term Disability Plans, and AFLAC insurance consisting of: Cancer Insurance, Hospital Coverage, and Accident Insurance.  All of these were offered to you last year. *Do not confuse Delta Dental and Avesis Vision with the state offerings of Anthem Dental and Anthem Vision plans. There is no need to select both.  This year we are adding two additional plans to the HCS Optional Benefits: AFLAC Critical Illness and MASA, which is an air ambulance plan that covers any air ambulance service provider. This year only, you may elect $10,000 of coverage on the Critical Illness Plan with no health questions asked. This policy pays in the event you have a heart attack, stroke, end-stage renal, major organ failure and more.  


Optional benefit enrollment is not mandatory this year....but it is advised that you make sure of your deductions!  If you do nothing with the optional benefits, you will have the same plans for the calendar year 2020 that you had this calendar year!


---To self enroll in your optional benefits, you will go to www.employeenavigator.com to login (You will need to TYPE this link into your browser...IT WILL NOT WORK IF YOU JUST CLICK ON THE LINK!)  Enter your first and last name, last four of SSN,  your DOB and then the company identifier.  The company identifier for Hardin County Schools is HCS1”.  Once you enter that info, you will be able to set up your own username and password for future use.  


If you prefer to meet with a benefits counselor, they will be visiting each location in the next few weeks. Check with your office manager about the dates when the counselors will be at your location.  They will also be present at the HCS Benefit Fair on Tuesday October 22, 2019 from 4:00-7:00 P.M. held at EC3. 

As always please contact Wanda Ballard (270.769.8958) or Angela McNew (270.769.8813) with any questions about your enrollment for optional or state benefits.    

For assistance with self enrolling, and AFLAC specifically, please reach out to Katie Barnes at Katie_Barnes@us.aflac.com o270.734.1585 and leave a message, she will return your call.   
Thank you for reading this entire narrative .... there is a lot of information, but we want everyone to be informed!  




be happy open enrollment