Incident Report

School Bus Incident Report

Behavior Violations

Disciplinary Options

  Warning And/or Remedial   Training

3 Days Off Bus

5  Days Off Bus 10 Days Off Bus Handled Under Student Discipline Code Referred
Bus Expulsion
Driver Removes Student Immediately
Physical Abuse of School Personnel         X X X
Dangerous Weapons/Drugs/Alcohol       X X X X
Fighting/Open Flame/Fireworks     X X   X  
Sexual Behavior     X X   X  
Use of Tobacco Products     X X   X  
Verbal Abuse of School Personnel   X X X   X  
Profanity X X X X X X  
Vandalism (restitution to be made) X X X X      
Refusing to Sit in Assigned Seat X X X X      
Refusing to Follow Instructions X X X X      
Not Staying Seated/Pushing/Tripping X X X X      
Screaming/Hanging Out Window X X X X      
Eating/Drinking/Littering X X X X      
Excessive Mischief/Annoying X X X X      
Possession of Prohibited Items X X X X   X  
Not Riding Assigned Bus X X X X      
Other (specify) X X X X X X X

Hardin County School buses may be equipped with video monitoring devices. 

These cameras are in place to monitor student behavior and assist with student management.