Special Education for Early Childhood

facesI have a special needs child; will my child be in a special class?

The Hardin County Schools’ preschool program is designed to include and meet the needs of children across a wide range of abilities in a full inclusion setting. We have found (supported by research) all children benefit and learn from each other. Unless a child’s IEP requires otherwise, children with disabilities are educated in the classroom with typically developing peers.


Am I responsible for bringing my child to school each day?

During the ARC meeting (Admission and Release Committee), transportation for your child will be discussed. At that time it will be decided if your child is able to ride the bus with his/her preschool peers or if special transportation will be needed. We will see that your child is safely transported to and from school each day.


My child needs the help of different therapists. What is available in the Hardin County Preschool Education Program?

The preschool teacher is dually certified in general education and special education. He/She will provide specially designed instruction to meet each child's special education needs. Children learn when their goals become part of their everyday world. Therapists work in collaboration with the classroom staff to make sure each child’s goals are embedded into their daily routine. This helps the child to practice daily and accomplish his/her goals. Speech-Language therapists provide services to children with speech/language disabilities. The physical therapist provides services to children with physical disabilities while the occupational therapist serves children with fine motor and sensory disabilities. Teachers of students with visual impairments works with children that have been identified as visually impaired and the teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing serves children that are identified as hearing impaired. Within some elementary schools, children in preschool also receive extra assistance from the Title I staff to assist with various cognitive and language goals.


Are there opportunities for me to learn from other parents?

Each school has a Family Resource Center or Youth Service Center. The centers provide opportunities for parent education and support groups. Each preschool classroom also has a parent workshop each month.