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Welcome to James T. Alton Middle School, the best hidden gem in Kentucky but getting ready to shine in 2018-2019 school year.  I consider it an honor and privilege to be the principal of JTA!  This community and school culture is second to none.  I challenge JTA students, parents, and staff to be committed to excellence, where we foster responsibility and independence in our students by building relationships and showing everyone we come into contact with that we care.  Our staff will be committed to provide effective teaching strategies that engage our students in the learning that allows them to grow academically and personally.  It is my goal for JTA staff to be effective communicators with the parents and community stakeholders.  JTA will utilize Remind 101 for each class, weekly emails from administration through One Call, phone calls and emails from teachers to parents with progress and praise, and finally utilizing our website for the best information going on at JTA.


JTA offers our students intra-curricular programs including Art, Band, JROTC, STEM class, practical living and career studies, and other electives.  JTA offers our students extra-curricular actives including girls/boys basketball, football, volleyball, and many of our students participate in HS sports and activities at North Hardin HS such as cross country, golf, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, track, and marching band.  JTA provides many opportunities for students to receive and participate in community service hours and community activities.  


As principal of JTA my door is always open.  Feel free to call or email me anytime and I will answer or return you calls or emails.  My main focus is to make sure JTA is delivering quality instruction and the students are engaged in the learning, so if you stop by to meet with me I may not be available at that time but would be happy to schedule a meeting with you.  Again, I consider this an honor and a privilege to be the principal of the best middle school in Hardin County and the state of Kentucky. 




Kevin S. Estes

Principal of James T Alton Middle School



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