Culinary Arts

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**Culinary Courses taught at EC3 are articulated credit through Sullivan University and Elizabethtown Community & Technical College**

Special Topics in Culinary Arts-ServSafe (200442 A)

.5 Credit Grade Level: 10th, 11th, or 12th Prerequisite: Student must have passed Foods & Nutrition with a “C” average or higher. This advanced course trains students about food-borne illness, how to prevent it and maintaining a safe facility. Students earn nationally accredited food safety certification from the National Restaurant Association. This course must be taken before or at the same time as Culinary I and is required before beginning Hospitality Services.

Culinary I (200411 A/B)

1 Credit Grade Level: 11th or 12th Prerequisite: Foods and Nutrition A/B, *ServSafe, Advanced Foods A (Recommended) *Note: Students who have not taken ServSafe may take same trimester as Culinary I This college-level culinary course allows students to increase competencies in a variety of food preparation techniques. Emphasis will be placed on food presentation, garnishing, menu planning and the skills necessary to prepare for a career in the culinary arts profession. This course is designed to provide training for employment in hospitality services in the area of food service. Career decisions and demands on family life are explored as well as skills and concepts related to supportive services such as public relations, food and beverage operations, management techniques, and entrepreneurship.

Culinary II (200412 A/B)

1 Credit Grade Level: 11th or 12th Prerequisite: Culinary I, ServSafe Certification This college-level course is designed for students to resume progress in pursuing competencies in food productions and services. Orientation to the food service industry and development of food preparation skills are reinforced. Food service management functions are introduced. More in-depth information is provided and higher levels of skills are taught.

Principles of Hospitality Services (200610 A/B/C)

1 Credit Grade Level: 12th Prerequisite: ServSafe *Teacher Approval Required This course is designed for students interested in careers in the hospitality industry. The instruction includes career awareness in the areas of recreation, travel/tourism, hotel/motel, and restaurant. This course is based on the family and consumer sciences core that includes communication skills, economics, food and beverage operations, promotion, selling, and product/service management.