Principal's Message

Dear Trojan Family,

This year promises to be full of challenges and opportunities.   Covid-19 and possible variants may continue to give us problems.  I am asking you to be patient with our staff as we deal with any issues we face as a result of the virus.  We will do our best to provide a quality education and engage our students regardless of the hurdles we encounter.

The faculty and staff have chosen the hashtag “#TrojanStrong” for the 2021-22 school year.   The choice reflects both the determination and resilience our students and staff have shown the past 18 months.  From NTI and virtual instruction to A/B schedules and returning to school in-person five days a week, our school community did the work and showed determination and toughness.   #TrojanStrong will be our motto and serves to remind us of what we have accomplished and what we can achieve.

My goal this year is to continue to build on the foundation of success North Hardin has known over the last two administrations.  Our staff will implement an intervention system aimed at helping students learn and improve critical skills in reading, math and problem-solving. 

I also want to implement a social and emotional learning intervention program to help our kids deal with and manage the effects Covid-19 has had on them over the last 18 months.  To that end, I’ll be organizing a committee of teachers, students, parents and mental health professionals to evaluate curriculum and materials to be used to help or students.   

When I came to North Hardin seven years ago, I was in awe of how respectful the students were.   School spirit was at an all-time high and parental involvement was apparent.  While Covid-19 has kept us at arms length, I want to invite you to show your “Trojan Spirit” and support our students in their academic and sporting endeavors.  

I consider it an honor to be your principal and to be able to serve you, your students and our faculty and staff. 

Let’s work together to show everyone what can happen when we are “#Trojan Strong!”

Mr. Jeff Maysey


Mr. Jeff Maysey