School Documents

North Hardin High School welcomes the following to the NHHS SBDM Council for the 2022-23 School Year:

Jordan Elliott-Admin Member

LaTara Woods - Parent Member

Dana Atcher - Parent Member

Kara Loggins - Parent Member

Stephanie Bankhead - Parent Member

Brandi Geisert - Teacher Member

Lydia Insko-Grady - Teacher Member

Kerstin Edberg - Teacher Member

Michelle Russell - Teacher Member

Brandi Geisert-Teacher Member

Dylan O'Brien-Teacher Member


NHHS Assessment Data 2022-2023


NHHS CSIP 2022-2023


North Hardin Continuous Improvement Plan Phase One


North Hardin Continuous Improvement Plan Phase Three


North Hardin Curriculum Guide 2022-2023


North Hardin Executive Summary Phase One


North Hardin Needs Assessment Phase Two


North Hardin Safety Report Phase One


North Hardin School Assurances Phase Two




Student Code of Conduct


Student Handbook, 2022-2023


Drug Testing Policy for Extracurricular and Student Drivers


High School Curriculum Maps


NHHS Amended Dress Code 2022-2023


For Principal Selection  


North Hardin Council By Laws


CSIP Glossary