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  1. Describes the school responsibility to provide high quality curriculum and enables Title I children to meet Kentucky’s academic achievement standards.


The College View is committed to improving the academic, social, and emotional well-being of Hardin County’s at-risk student population to scaffold successful students and productive citizens. Various counseling and supplemental programs such as Edgenuity and ABE bolster the instructional efforts of CV’s highly qualified educators. ESS is offered during the school year and summer in addition to career-oriented classes to create a unique and rigorous learning environment. Students are assessed upon entering the school to determine learning styles, career goals and their level of academic performance on the Measures of Academic Performance Assessment.

College View

  1. Describes how parents will be responsible for supporting their children’s learning, such as monitoring attendance, homework completion, television watching, volunteering in their child’s classroom, participating in decisions relating to their child’s education and positive use of extracurricular time.


The purpose of College View is to provide intensive instruction, counseling, and mentoring services to at-risk students. The alternative structure, priorities, and mission of College View must differ from that of a traditional school. College View serves as a middle school, a high school and Hardin County High School; an online credit recovery opportunity designed to decrease high school drop-out rates in Hardin County, Kentucky.


Upon entrance to College View every student is processed through an intake meeting with parents/guardians, the principal or designated administrative staff, and the school psychologist in attendance. Parents are provided with the Student/Parent Handbook and Code of Conduct policies and made aware of the College View level system and point sheet system. Parents are encouraged to be active in the learning experience of their children. Parents receive written notification and explanation when students progress or regress with the level system. First period teachers correspond with parents upon each student absence. Homework completion, behavior, and weekly reminders or announcements are all provided on the students’ weekly point sheets that are sent home to parents the last school day of every week.


3. Addresses the importance of establishing ongoing, good communication between teachers and parents through:

  • Annual parent-teacher conferences to discuss individual student progress discussing the child’s achievement/
  • Frequent progress reports to families on student academic progress.
  • Reasonable access to staff and opportunities to volunteer, observe, and participate in classroom activities.


  • The above-mentioned intake meetings, conferences scheduled as needed, and exit meetings are the cornerstones of College View parent-school relationships. The social, academic, behavioral, and emotional status and progress of students are on-going conversations among College View faculty, staff, parents, and students to equip students with skills necessary for success.


  • Weekly point sheets, the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, progress reports, and report cards are methods used by College View for reporting students’ academic progress to families.


  • Students’ families are encouraged to correspond frequently with students’ counselors, principal, and teachers. All parties aforementioned frequently reach out to parents via telephone and electronic mail. Any volunteers, observers, or participants in College View must be Hardin County Board office approved prior to entrance into College View classrooms. The privacy and confidentiality on behalf of all College View students is of the utmost importance.


  • Bi-Weekly PLC meetings allow staff to share instructional strategies that advance core content as well as a forum to work on solutions to reach struggling at-risk students.



I hereby agree that I have read and understand the relationship among College View and myself and the responsibilities that lie therein.      Guardian signature: ___________________________  Date: ____________________