Principal's Message


Welcome to John Hardin High School! 

I am Mark Wells, principal of John Hardin High School. I’ve been a member of the Bulldog family since the building opened in August 2001.  I’m very proud of John Hardin’s staff, students, parents, and alumni. Together, we’ve quickly built a strong tradition of excellence. 

Our staff and students focus on three principles throughout the school year.  We emphasize FAMILY, RESPECT, and SUCCESS with our students. 

First, we are FAMILY.  Our staff members care greatly for our students and treat them as their own.  Students also take care of each other.  As their principal, I’m very proud of the concern shown for others by both staff and students on a daily basis resulting in a safe, caring environment. 

Our focus on RESPECT has also led to a positive environment within our building. Students not only learn the importance of respecting staff members and each other but also to respect those in our community.    Our annual Veteran’s Day program, Operation Shoe Box, and Day of Gratitude are small examples of the many, many ways in which we show respect for and participate in our community. 

Finally, we emphasize SUCCESS and how to obtain it. Our staff specializes in meeting the needs of individual students through instruction by utilizing individual student assessment data. John Hardin students are successful in the classroom, performing arts, athletics, and in our many extra-curricular clubs and activities. 

Please call us at 270-769-8906 with questions.


Mark Wells