Academic Team


The JHHS Academic Team is a club where students are encouraged to excel in specific subject areas and compete against other students and schools at the local, regional, and state level. Our sanctioning body, KAAC, created the competition as a way to “promote, reward, and recognize outstanding academic achievement.”

KAAC Competition Dates

Areas of Competition

--Students may compete in up to three areas of academic competition. The areas are:

  • Quick Recall -- what most people think of when they think of the Academic Team. This is like Jeopardy!, but you don’t answer in the form of a question, you play with a team of four, and you can get bonus questions!

  • Written Assessments -- 60-minute, multiple-choice tests given in five different subject areas: Math, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Art & Humanities.

  • Written Composition -- in this event, students are given 90 minutes to show off their writing skills on various topics.

  • Future Problem Solving -- four students work together to address a Future Scene, identify problems, and come up with a plan to solve that problem. Scenarios from previous FPS competitions have actually ended up happening, so the critical thinking skills used here will have application in the real world.

How to Join

--Speak to Mr. Robinson or Mrs. Bird. There is no membership fee required to be on the Academic Team, and students in all grades are permitted to join.


  • Practices -- 

  • Heartland League -- 

  • Governor’s Cup -- 

  • JV Challenge -- 


--Students are expected to participate in fundraising activities for Academic Team. Transportation, practice materials, and (hopefully) lodging costs at State Finals have to be covered for the team to operate smoothly. Fundraising may include selling items, working concessions at ball games, or other activities as voted on by team members.

Advisors & Contact

Mike Robinson,

Erin Bird,

Google Classroom -- The code is mx6fles

Remind -- The code is @dawgbrains

Other Info


KAAC on Facebook