Title 1

Radcliff Elementary School

Parent Involvement Policy



Radcliff Elementary School has adopted the following parent involvement policy and plan. This policy and the plan of implementation have been developed with input from parents and staff. Both will be distributed to all Radcliff Elementary parents.


Expectations for Parent Involvement: Hardin County Schools shall conduct an annual meeting, to which all parents are invited and encouraged to attend. At this meeting, parents will be informed of the school’s participation in the Title I School Wide Program, the purpose and requirements of Title I and their rights to be involved.


Radcliff Elementary School shall involve parents in the planning, review, and improvement of Title 1 programs.


Upon request parents shall be provided:

Timely information and opportunities to attend regular meetings.

School performance profiles and their child’s individual assessment and proficiency levels, including interpretation.

A description and explanation of the school curriculum, assessment, and proficiency levels.

A timely response to parent suggestions.

Building Capacity for Involvement

Radcliff Elementary School shall build the capacity for strong parent involvement by:


1. Providing assistance to parents understanding national, state, and local goals, standards, and



2. Explaining how to monitor their child’s performance.


3. Providing materials and training to parents to help them improve their child’s education.


4. Educating the school staff on how to communicate with parents.


5. Coordinating and collaborating programs and activities for parent involvement.


6. Ensuring, to the extent possible, information sent home is in a language and format parents can



7. Providing other assistance, as appropriate, such as parent resource centers where teachers can learn

about child development and rearing from birth.


8. Training and supporting parents to enhance involvement of other parents.




Parent - School Compact

Radcliff Elementary



The Radcliff Title 1 Program, the Title 1 Parent Advisory Council, and the entire school community establish this compact in order to foster the core values of honesty, integrity, respect, trust and responsibility therefore supporting the success of Radcliff Elementary students. This is a three-way partnership with a specific goal in mind. It is important that each person assumes his or her responsibilities. We encourage you to read and discuss this compact with your child, if you agree with the commitment, please sign and return the original copy to school. You will want to keep the yellow copy for your records.


As a staff member, I will …

promote pride in Radcliff Elementary.

be prepared to teach to the best of my ability each day.

treat all students with respect and fairness.

respectfully and accurately inform parents of their child’s progress.

have high expectations of self, other staff members and students.

help children solve problems in a positive, non-violent way.

provide reading activities that support the Literacy First Reading initiative.

provide opportunities for students to participate in self-selected reading activities.

explain assignments clearly and provide homework that supports our curriculum as stated in the school homework policy.


Staff member signature_____________________________


As a parent, I will …

help my child resolve conflicts in positive non-violent ways.

see that my child attends school regularly, is on time, and prepared for each day.

help to develop school spirit and encouraging my child to value education.

provide a quiet place to complete homework assignments I will be available to assist and I will support my child in having supplies at home and at school.

provide opportunities for my child to read.

support reading programs and activities such as Literacy First in our school.

encourage my child to follow school and bus rules and regulations.

help my child be successful by supporting teachers, attending school functions and conferences.

Parent or caregiver Signature_________________________


As a student, I will …

show pride in my school.

do my best in class, complete assignments, and follow school and bus rules and regulations.

have a positive attitude toward my school, my classmates, and myself.

accept responsibility for my own actions and work to resolve problems in a positive way.

be a good listener, follow directions and ask for help when help is needed.

show respect for others and myself.

respect cultural differences of other students, their families and our staff.

discuss with my parents what I am learning at school.

have fun learning at school and at home.


Student Signature__________________________________

PAC 11/21/2013