Kindergarten Info

Last Updated: 8/4/2020 12:33 PM

Kindergarten Registration

How do I enroll my child for Kindergarten?

Read below for the requirements to start Kindergarten and documents necessary for Kindergarten enrollment.

Click the link below to be redirected to the online registration form.

Parent Portal Request for Access 

Kindergarten Requirements

1.  Proof of age – Upon enrollment for the first time in any elementary or secondary
school, a student or student’s parent shall provide either a certified copy of the student’s birth certificate or other reliable proof of the student’s identity and age and an affidavit of the inability to produce a copy of the birth certificate (HC Policy 09.121).

2. A current Kentucky immunization certification form required by 704 KAR 4:020 shall be on file within (2) two weeks of a student’s enrollment in school.  Military families have 30 days to comply as indicated in the Interstate Commission Compact.

3.   The preventive health care exam (704 KAR 4:020) dated within 1 year prior initial
admission to school and must be on the Preventive Health Care Form.

4.   KRS 156.160 states all children entering at 3, 4, 5, or 6 years of age public preschool and Head Start or public school for the first time to have an eye examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist no later than January 1 of the school year.     

5. Must be 5 years of age on or before August 1st of the Kindergarten year.

6. Effective with the 2010-2011 school year, a dental screening or examination shall be required for five (5) and six (6) year olds enrolling in the school district.

Interstate Commission Compact
Students from a household of an active duty service member who are moving into the
District shall be enrolled and appropriately placed as quickly as possible based on information provided in the student’s unofficial records pending validation by the official record that the District shall request from the sending school.

Special power of attorney, relative to the guardianship of a child of a military family and executed under applicable law shall be sufficient for the purposes of enrollment and all other actions requiring parental participation and consent. A transitioning child of a military family who is placed in the care of a non-custodial parent or other person standing in loco parentis and living in a jurisdiction other than that of the custodial parent may continue to attend the school in which s/he was enrolled while residing with the custodial parent.