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Cecilia Valley Elementary is located in the Cecilia community in Hardin County, Kentucky! We are a proud part of the Hardin County School district. We serve Preschool through 5th grade students.



The mission of Cecilia Valley Elementary School, a united, family-oriented, rural school is to view each child as a valued and unique individual who can learn and achieve at high levels. We welcome the special contributions and individuality of every student. By emphasizing character and keeping student learning our first priority, we strive to prepare our students to be successful contributing citizens of the 21st century.

SBDM MEMBERS 2019-1-2020

The purpose of the Cecilia Valley Elementary Site Based Decision Making Council is to provide leadership and adopt policies that will enhance student achievement and provide the best possible learning environment for every student. Teacher and parent members are elected to serve for one-year term. Members for the 2019-2020 school year are:

Melissa Brady Parent Representative
Becky Hack Parent Representative
Kathy Cofer Teacher Representative
Tiffany Neuman Teacher Representative
Theresa Collins Teacher Representative