Rineyville, Kentucky 

Rineyville is situated on the Illinois Central Railroad in the north central section of Hardin County, a distance of approximately six miles northwest of Elizabethtown.

Rineyville received its name from the Riney family who gave land for the railroad, which was built in 1874. It was known as Riney station although only "Riney" appeared on the station sign. When the Post Office was established the "ville" was added and since that time the name has been Rineyville.

Blue Ball Hill, highest elevation in Hardin County, rises 1,017 feet above sea level, a few miles west of Rineyville and dominates the valleys surrounding it. Blue Ball is one of the oldest names in Hardin County and has been a landmark for location of property since land was first recorded in this county.

John Wesley Pawley and his family were the first settlers in Rineyville. Pawley was born in England about 1743 and as a young man he became very sympathetic with the Americans who had begun their struggle for independence. He was smuggled abroad the ship "Ark of the Dove" and landed at Pawley's Island on the coast of South Carolina. He fought in the Revolutionary War under General Francis Marion, famed "Swamp Fox" of the American forces. For his service in the war John Wesley Pawley was given a land grant which he took up in this part of Hardin County, not long after the end of the war. In addition he purchased several hundred acres so that in the beginning he owned 3,000 acres of land extending from the present Helmwood area in Elizabethtown to Moormans Valley beyond Blue Ball Hill. Many Pawley descendents still live in and near Rineyville. Other prominent families from early Rineyville with descendent still in the area are Nall, Smith, Raine, Osborne, and Woodring.

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