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Engineering / Math Teacher

8th Grade 

Phone: 270-369-7370
Room 204

PLTW:  Design & Modeling Course (1st - 3rd Period & 5th -6th Period)

Enhancement:  Algebra & Geometry Course (7th Period)

Planning Period:  4th (11:14 - 12:10), Lunch:  12:21-12:41 pm



Central Hardin High School Cheerleading Coach

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My name is Susan Hatfield.   I will be teaching 8th grade Pre-Engineering Courses using curriculum developed by Project Lead The Way (PLTW).  I received a $20,000 grant & an additional grant added in 2018 from Amaray Corporation in Elizabethtown, Ky. Thankful for the corporate sponsorship because it has already impacted so many lives.  Last year, my students maxed out in every available course that can be scheduled for their freshman year.  Courses include:  Flight & Space @ EC3, Introduction to Engineering Design (IED), and Principles of Engineering (POE). This year due to high volume of students, I will be also be teaching five classes.

I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor's of Science in Engineering.  I earned my Masters Degree in Education: Math & Science (Dual Certification)

I love adventure!  I enjoy unraveling the mysteries of this world through scientific applications.  I enjoyed Math when it related to mathematical calculations that helped me to gain a deeper understanding of Science & Engineering Applications.

My goal this year to help you become insightful to the variety of careers that use STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math).  You'll enjoy engaging the PLTW curriculum from a hands-on approach and in a way that relates to many career paths.  PLTW will prepare you for college credit courses in Engineering that you can take in High School & EC3 (Early Career & College Center).

I can't wait to share my enthusiasm with you this year!

Susan Hatfield