Book Test Procedures

Book Test Procedures

Scholastic Reading Counts (SRC) is the program we use at GCB to help increase reading comprehension.


Here's how it works:


1st- Students take a short computer reading test called the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) to determine each student's current reading level.  Reading level scores are called lexile scores.  An appropriate lexile score for 2nd grade is 420-600.  

2nd- The students go to the library and check out 2 books that are on their individual lexile level. Our library books have a color coded sticker on them that help students locate books on their individual lexile level. 


3rd- The students read their library books for homework each night Monday-Thursday. 


4th- A student can take a test over the library books when s/he feels ready. 


5th- When a student passes a test over BOTH library books, that student may get two new library books. If a student doesn't pass one or both library book tests, s/he must read the book(s) again for homework and try to test again the next day.


More info.:

-About once a month, the students will take the SRI test to see if their lexile score has increased.  If scores increase, those students will get their new level lexile books when they visit the library again.


-Students are required to pass 10 library book tests each 9-weeks. 


-We have a sticker chart on the wall that tracks how many tests each student has passed.  


-At the end of the year, all 2nd grade classes will have an awards program recognizing students who have passed 10 book tests each 9-weeks.  Then, we will celebrate with a Luau party with fun and games.  


-Ask your child often how many book tests s/he has passed!