This year, we will be exploring the following units!

  • Properties of Matter
  • Forces and Motion
  • Earth and Space
  • Earth's Systems
  • Ecosystems
  • Weather and Climate

Our main goal is to prepare our students to move forward in 7th grade where they will be state tested in science!  We will utilize reading material, hands on activities and technology to enhance our curriculum.  Below is my school supplies list for science.  If you have a problem obtaining materials, please do not hesitate to contact me!  This will be a great year!


Click on this link to see the syllabus your child brought home the first week:  Science Syllabus


Plenty of paper, pencils or pens

1" binder with dividers, pockets would be helpful  (optional)

Calculator (can use the one they purchase for math class)

Headphones or earbuds (I have a few I can supply)


For individual assignment/test information please click on the period you have science to see our class calendar!