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About GCB Music

The G.C. Burkhead Music program focuses on providing opportunities for students to create and perform music, while helping them learn to be respectful citizens.

Students learn to evaluate and analyze music, while also learning to appreciate many different musical styles heard round the world.

They learn the elements of music as heard through various cultures and time periods throughout history. Students also experience Dance and Drama activities; all integrated during music lessons.  

All students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade attend music class for at least 45 minutes once a week.  The current rotation has each child coming to the music room at least once a week.   This allows time to perform on many classroom instruments, including percussion/drums, and recorders.  

Students sing, and move to music, and are challenged to be creative and open-minded about music as a form of art and expression.  This includes exploring music for various purposes; specifically Ceremonial, Recreational, and music for Artistic Expression.