Vocabulary Words 11-7-17

Vocabulary Words: Test Monday, Novemeber 13

approach-a method of starting work on a task or problem

clarify-to make clearer or easier to understand; to explain

feature-an interesting or important part of something

observation-a remark or comment about something you have noticed

specific-special, particular, unique

establish-to set up

technique-a method of accomplishing a specific task

unique-connected to only one particular person, place, thing or group

influence-to have an effect on; to affect

structure-an arrangement of parts that forms a pattern of organization

excerpt-a passage taken from a text

focus-the topic being discussed or studied

develop-to make something clearer and more complete by adding details

account-description or explanation of an event

concluding statement-final sentences in a piece of text that restates the main idea in a new way

explicitly- stated or described clearly and in detail

expression-reading with appropriate pitch and rhythm

precise language- carefully selected words that clearly and concisely communicate the point

procedure- a course of action

concept-a general idea