West Hardin Middle School Band

“Donation Fundraiser”


Dear Parents and Band Members,


Last year we gave parents and students the option of participating in a traditional fundraiser or making a direct donation to the WHMS Band Program.  Overwhelmingly, the great families of the West Hardin Bands chose to make a donation to the band so that ALL the money collected went to the band (instead of only a small portion as with catalog sale fundraisers). Therefore, this year we are asking all families to participate in a “Donation Fundraiser” to assist in buying band instruments and music for all our bands at West Hardin. 


The Goal:  A $50.00 donation per family.  This can be accomplished by asking 5 family members/friends to donate $10.00 each or one family member donating $50.00. 


The small print:  All donations are tax deductible since you are not purchasing any product.   Checks are preferred because they are proof of the deduction and can be made out to “WHMS Band”.   Also, any additional donations above the $50.00 are greatly appreciated and will definitely be put to good use by your fabulous band director! Please return the bottom of this form along with checks/cash to Mrs. Laura Floyd.



West Hardin Band Donation Form


Student: _______________________________________ Amount collected:____________