Vocabulary Words and Spelling Words 8-27-18

Vocabaulary Words

1. decorated-added things to make something more attractive

2. beckoned-signaled in some way, often with a gesture

3. gradually-slowly over a period of time

4. hesitated-paused before you said or did something

5. prodded-encouraged to do something

6. debate-a formal public discussion about specific issues

7. stalled-delayed; stopped

8. scanned-quickly looked over

9. shaken-upset

10. inflated-filled with air

11. ancestor-an early family member

12. theory-an idea based on study and research

13.migration-movement of people

14. artifacts-objects made by peopole

15. civilization-a group of people with ways of life, religion, and learning

16. tradition-a way of life or an idea that has been handed down from the past

17. class-a group of people in a society who have something in common


Spelling Words

sign, groan, reply, thrown, strike, mighty, stroll, compose, dose, height, excite, apply, slight, define, odor, spider, control, brighten, silent, approach