Vocabulary Words and Spelling Words 8-28-17

1. print-the words in a text

2.prose-ordinary writing (letter, short story, informational)

3. purpose-the main reason for writing

4.quote-to repeat the exact words that are written or said by another person

5. simile-a comparison between two unlike things using the words "like' or "as".

6. third person narration-writing in which the narrator is not a character in the events and describes them from the "outside" using he or she

7. tone-the feeling or attitude a piece of writing conveys

8. metaphor-a comparison between two objects or ideas without using the words "like" or "as"

9. addage-a traditional saying or expression of a common experience, also known as a proverb (A penny saved is a penny earned).

10. affix-a word element, such as a prefix or suffix added to a root word

11. explicitly- stated or described clearly and in detail

12.mood-tone created in a piece of writing and reading

13. alliteration-repetition of the same sounds in words in a phrase

14. idiom-a phrase whose meaning is different from the normal meaning of the individual words (kick the bucket)

15. nuances-slight differences in expression or meaning (noisy, thunderous)

Spelling Words: greet, stray, feast, awake, praise, disease, repeat, display, braces, thief, ashamed, sleeve, waist, beneath, sheepish, release, remain, sway, training, niece