Our main form of communication will be through ClassDojo. If you have not signed up your student will continue to have an invitation sent home in their HOME/SCHOOL Folder. This is vital in knowing, live, how your student is doing throughout the day. It is also allows you to get up-to-date reminders and almost instant communication with the teacher. 

Home/School Folder

The Home/School Folder is an important home and school connection. Your child's weekly homework, daily community and school communications.



Planners will be provided to students this year at no charge. The planner will serve as an organization tool and contatin daily communication regarding behavior. Students will record the color they ended the day on as part of our pack up routine. Please initial the planner each day to let me know that your child has shown it to you. 

In addition to recording behavior, students will write homework assignments in their planner to help them to be organized. All homework will be given on the first day of the week and will be due that Friday. This homework is essential in reviewing and extending what we learn in class and preparing your child for the responsibility of homework in the years to come.


Tuesday/Wednesday Folders

Depending on the week, your student will come home with a plastic folder that has all of their work that they have done the prior week. This folder will either be with your student on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. Some will not be graded and some will. It is very important that the materials in the folder are looked over and discussed with students. Your student will have a signout sheet that will be in there asking for verification that you received the packet and information.


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