Behavior Management

Meadow View Elementary uses Clip Charts as a school wide behavior management strategy. This system is designed to encourage positive behavior, reward those students who exceed expectations, and encourage those students who do not meet expectations to change their behavior throughout the day. The procedure is as follows:

  • Each time a student does not meet an expectation; he or she will move a clip down.
  • When a student meets or exceeds an expectation, he or she will move a clip up.
  • Each day, your child will mark in their planner to let you know how their behavior was for each day.
  • You will be asked to initial their planner and return it to school with your child the next day, along with their home/school folder.
  • When a student reaches Parent Contact, we typically write a note home or make a call.  Think About It is treated as a warning.  Teacher’s Choice depends on the offense, varying from a discussion, time out, filling out a behavior form, etc.
  • Students may even go above and beyond and go off the chart!
  • Colors:
    • Red = Outstanding
    • Orange = Great  Job
    • Yellow = Good Day
    • Green = Ready to Learn
    • Blue = Think About It
    • Purple = Teacher’s Choice
    • Pink = Parent Contact

                                                                                            Clip Chart Behavior