Behavior Expectations

Meadow View Motto:

As a Meadow View Trojan, I commit to be POSITIVE, PREPARED and PRODUCTIVE every day, in every way!


Classroom Expectations


  • Have a polite and cooperative attitude.
  • Show your personal best and safe actions.


  • Be prompt and in the right place.
  • Have materials and supplies ready.


  • Complete tasks in a timely manner.
  • Focus on doing your best in all you do.



1.  Clip down

2.  Time out to reflect and make a new plan

3.  Note or phone call home

4.  "Minor" write-up

 5. Extreme cases will be sent directly to the Character Education room with a "major" write-up.


Positive Reinforcement

1.  Clip up

2.  Praise

3.  Trojan Traits ticket or classroom drawing ticket

4.  Positive notes and phone calls home