KY Studies


Kentucky Studies

Course Syllabus


Central Hardin High School                                          


Ms. Emily Wortham                                              

Work #: 737-6800                                                 



*To sign up for REMIND send KYSTUD to 81010                                         


Course Description:

        Students will examine the geographic and historical events in the development of the state of Kentucky to determine how those factors shaped the culture, as well as political, economic and social institutions of Kentucky today.    


Textbook:  Our Kentucky;  A Study of the Bluegrass State

        Other readings may be provided in addition to the text.


Required Materials:                   

?a binder or folder and lots of paper

?Pencils or pens


Course Outline:

Kentucky Geography

Government and Economics


Arts and Literature

Sports and Leisure

People/Uniquely Kentucky


Classroom Rules:

  1. Respect the teacher, school, administration, community and classmates

We all have bad days, but regardless we must consistently respect each other.  

    1. You can show this respect by following directions, avoiding talking back, refraining from touching items that aren't yours, avoiding name calling and other bullying activities including swearing and following all of the rules set by the teacher in charge (whether it is myself, a guest, or a substitute.)  

    2. Turn work in on time.   Unless there are extenuating circumstances, such as absences, late work is unacceptable.  If your work is not turned in at the time it is asked for you will lose 25 percent.  If it is more than one day late you will lose 50 percent.  

  1. Leaving the room is limited.  

.              When leaving the classroom you must sign out and take a pass.  

a.            Leaving the room will ultimately be up to the teacher's discretion.  If you leave without permission or are found out of area there will be consequences.

  1. Be on time to class and prepared.  Once the bell rings you need to be seated.  Tardies will be counted per the school policy.



Assessments (Projects and Exams)       40%

Quizzes                                                      30%

Daily Work                                           30%


*Note:  End of Trimester Exam will weigh 20% of your total cumulative grade (this is subject to change)


Parent Contact:

I am a firm believer that parents, teachers, and students are all a team when it comes to a student's success in their classes.  Through a program called Remind 101 (directions for sign-up will be provided), I would love to be able to send text notifications to both parents and students about the happenings in our classroom.  That being said, I want to make it clear that I want to hear from parents via email or a phone call at any time they have concerns for their students performance in this class.  


Please return the bottom portion of the syllabus signed and dated by the student and their parents or guardians including an email address if possible.


I have read and understand the expectations and requirements of US History class.  


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