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                                             HOLOCAUST and GENOCIDE STUDIES


  Course Description

This course examines the causes and legacies of the assault on humanity and violations of human rights of the “Other” during the Holocaust Era and the Nazi regime - Third Reich in Germany,1933-45. This course looks at historical, social and psychological forces, ideas and events leading up to the Holocaust, the attempted annihilation of all Jews and the almost complete destruction of the European Jewish communities (Shoah), and the murder of the non-Jewish “Undesirables”

This course will examine from a psychological/sociological perspective, using an interdisciplinary approach, the groups of individuals associated with the Holocaust (perpetrators, victims, bystanders, resistance fighters, rescuers). This course will also discuss cases of modern genocide.


Subjects to Be Cvered:


 Ideological Roots & Western Civilization, Antisemitism in history,

World War I & Its Aftermath: Weimar Republic,1918-32, Hitler & Nazi Party,   Third Reich,  Resistance to Hitler and the Holocaust ,  Biological Racism & Racial Purity, Prewar Jewish Life, Euthanasia.  .

 War Against the Jews, The ‘Final Solution, Concentration & Death Camps, Bystanders, Rescue, Liberation. Nuremberg Trials, Aftermath,  Modern genocide.


Class requirements

1.The Tardy Policy is enforced.

2.Students are required to read assigned materials,  do any homework , and to complete the papers, journals and the assignments. This MAY involve outside classroom time.

3. Class Participation & Discussion: Students are expected to be prepared and to participate in classroom discussions. This is a topic that encourages questions and discussion.

4.4. If you are absent you may make up work during PowerHour.


7                              5.Students are required to keep a notebook in this class. Please have a 1” 3 ring   

8                                   binder.  

Grading Policy:   All assignments will be on a total points basis. Writing assignments and tests will count for more points. You may access IC at any time to check on your grade.

Plagiarism (attempting to pass off the work of another as one's own) is not acceptable and will result in a grade of 0 for that assignment and will be turned over to the appropriate source for disciplinary action. In addition, cheating on exams will also result in the same fate. Parents will be notified.

This teacher DOES NOT accept “technology problems” (i.e. no paper, no disc, no computer , computer blew up, printer abducted by aliens, etc.) as excuses for not turning in assignments. If any of the above or other tech issues occur and there is a due date involved you should make arrangements to go to a library or friend’s home, make use of an open lab during Power Hour, save or email to my school email and print in the library. Type it during Powerhour. Please notify me EARLY is you do not have access at all to a computer so we can make arrangements. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.