Political Science

Mrs. Cooper


Textbook:  United States Government  

                American Guidance Service, Inc.,


Course Objectives:  To develop and expand the students’ knowledge on their rights and responsibilities as U.S. citizens as well as introduce them to the system of American government.  There will also be some focus on other forms of governments.

Students are required to read class materials and assignments, take guided notes, and participate in class discussions and activities.


Course Outline:  

  • Unit 1: Foundations of Government

  • Unit 2: The Constitution and the Bill of Rights

  • Unit 3: The Legislative Branch

  • Unit 4: The Executive Branch

  • Unit 5: The Judicial Branch

  • Unit 6: Voting Rights


Grade Requirements:

    Your grade will be based on a variety of activities.  They will include the following:

Tests                    100 points each

Quizzes                                         10-40 points

         Group/Individual Activities         25-100 points

        Objective/Warm-up sheets                 25 points  


Folders/Textbooks:   A folder will be provided for each student and the folder will be kept in the classroom.  This folder will display all activities, quizzes, and notes for the class.  We will use the textbook periodically throughout this course. Textbooks will be kept in the classroom. I will allow students to check out textbooks if needed.


Tests & Quizzes:  Students will be given a pre-test before each unit and will take a post test after each unit (100 points). The tests will be a combination of multiple choice, matching, and open response questions.  Tests are not open note.   In addition, students will also take 1-2 quizzes throughout each unit (10-40 points). Before each unit test students will be given a study guide to complete and turn in for a grade (25 points). There will be a comprehensive final for this course.


Absences:   If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get missed assignments.  Any group work missed will be excused if you are absent. You must be in your assigned seat when the bell rings, not coming through the door, in another seat or standing in the room.


Participation:   There will many of group activities throughout this course.  Your participation is expected.  If you choose not to participate, you will not get a grade.  This will include taking part in class discussions, group activities and respecting others’ opinions.   


Grading Policy:  All daily work, group activities, quizzes, etc. will carry a point value to be totaled at the end of each grading period.  Attendance points will be added at the end of the trimester, according to the attendance policy set forth in the student handbook.  Three tardies count as an absence.  Any cheating will result in a 0 by all participants.  Any talking during a quiz or test will result in a zero.   We are all here to learn and each student must do his own work.


Cell Phone Policy:  Cell phone usage during class can be very distracting for the teacher and for the other students in the classroom. In this classroom there is a 3 strike cell phone policy. A student will be given a strike for using their cellphone during class and the teacher will record it. Once the student has received all 3 strikes the cell phone will be turned into the office and the student will be written up for technology violation.


All cell phones that ring in class or you are using them, checking them or pulling them out, will be taken until the end of the day.


Your second offense with the cell phones will result in disciplinary action.


Grading Scale:

 A      92-100

B      83-91

C      74-82

D      68-73

F        0-67     

Needed Supplies:

  • Pencils

  • Blue or black pens and pencils- no other colors will be accepted

Note: I will provide folders for each student; therefore, EACH student should come to class with something to write with EACH day. I will not provide writing utensils.  



  1. You need to be on time for class, be seated in your assigned seat at the bell.  Stay seated until the bell rings.

  2. You need to bring needed supplies to class (pencils, pens, ect.)ij

  3. Assignments must be turned in on time.  

  4. Respect one another’s opinions, person, and property

  5. Raise your hand to respond or to ask questions.

  6. You may not go to another classroom or to the library

  7. No sleeping in class, you can’t learn if you sleep.

  8. Offensive language will not be tolerated.




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