Homework Information

Students are expected to complete homework each night (Monday through Thursday).  Fifth grade is a huge year for 5th graders. They are expected to be responsible learners and take ownership for their learning.  We will go over Drops in the Bucket assignments every Thursday. Students will receive a participation grade for completing all assignments on time.  Students who do not regularly complete all assignments will receive consequences and it will be reflected in report card grades.  Your child will write a note in his/her agenda for you to read if he/she did not turn in a homework assignment.

  • Reading: Students are expected to read each night for 25 minutes. They have a reading log/assignment book they will use to track their reading. The notebook also includes questions they are to answer about what they've read. It's the student's responsibility to have parents sign their log each night.
  • Math: Students will receive two Drops in the Bucket math assignments each Monday. They are due Thursday each week. 
  • Grammar: students will receive one Drops in the Bucket for language arts each Monday. This assignment is also due Thursday.
  • Spelling: Students will have a spelling test each week. They will have a pretest each week. If studnets score 100%, they will not have to take the final test.
  • Vocabulary: Students will also have a vocabulary test each week. Vocabulary words will consist of words we are working with in our reading series, as well as content area words.