Homework Information

Students will be expected to complete homework each night (Monday through Thursday).  Homework will not be assigned on weekends.  All homework will be directly connected to what we are learning in class and any materials needed to complete the assignments will be supplied.  We will go over the homework every day and students will receive a participation grade for completing all assignments.  Students who do not regularly complete all assignments will receive consequences and it will be reflected in report card grades.  Your child will write a note in his/her agenda for you to read if he/she did not turn in a homework assignment.

  • Reading: students will receive a new reading passage at the beginning of each week and will answer a series of questions on that passage each night; the skills the questions cover will be taught in class during that week as well
  • Math: students will receive a skill page to complete each night that connects to the math skill we have worked on in class that day
  • Grammar: students will receive a page at the beginning of the week with a series of questions related to the skill we are learning in class that week
  • Spelling: all spelling assignments will be completed at school so homework will not be assigned in this area; students will write the words they missed on the spelling pre-test in their agendas and I do encourage you reviewing those words with them each night