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Geometry Part B  

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This is a Sophomre level class that covers several aspects of Eucledian Geometry. Part B starts where Geometry Part A left off.  We cover Special Right Triangles, Trigonometry,Area & Perimeter of Triangles and various quadrilaterals, Surface Area and Volume of 3-dimensional figures, and Circles.  The content in this class is more difficult than it was in Part A and requires students to focus on their work while in class.There are multiple tests and quizzes throughout the trimester, culminating in a Final Exam at the end.  Assessments (which include tests and quizzes) make-up 60% of the students overall grade.  The remaining 40% is Assignments, which includes daily work, in-class work, homework, bellringers, and any projects.

All assignments will be listed under the Assignment Section and the links to the actual file can be found under the File/Links Section.  Students are always provided with a hardcopy of each assignment.  However, if a students cannot find their hardcopy; an additional copy can be printed from this website at home.

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    All assignments are listed under the Assignment Section and then they can be downloaded from the Files/Links Section.

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