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CCR IV Math  

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CCR IV Math is a 12-week course with the intended purpose of getting students prepared to pass the KYOTE or College Algebra Review test. Students go through a two-week course of study on all of the tricks and techniques that will help them pass the test. The KYOTE and CAR test is taken twice during the 12 week course.  The KYTOE is taken during the 2nd week and students need to score a 22 out of 31. If they don't pass this test, they take the CAR during the 3rd week and need to score a 14 out of 25. Students that are not successful at this point go through an intensive 5 week remeniation before the second round of testing. During the second round of testing, if a student scores a 21 on the KYOTE or a 13 on the CAR, they have the opportunity for a last chance test in either the KYOTE or CAR test.

Once students pass their test, they are given a grade of 100% in the class. Students that do not pass the test are given a 67% for the test and their grades throughout their assignments determine their actual grade for the class. Despite not passing the test, student can pass they class.

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