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Financial Literacy is a video based 12-week course using the Dave Ramsey: Foundations in Personal Finance curriculum. Students will be given either a full course workbook during the first unit or individual unit packets on the first day of each unit. The course is set-up so that students watch videos daily and complete their scripted notes. At the end of each section there is a journal prompt that needs to be completed. At the end of each of the 12 units there is a Money in Review that needs to be completed. There is a test after each unit and workbook or packets can be used. These are generally once a week, however; there is a week that we will have two tests. Most units take approximately a week to complete, but there is a unit that we finish in one day and another that takes approximately 10 days.

Workbooks/packets are collected every three units for a grade. The Friday before grades are due, we have a checkbook check. Their are several assignments throughout the trimester as well as a culminating final project worth 15% of the final grade.

Final exams are the last two days of the trimester, but you can gain an exemption by earning a 95% in the class.

  • Needed Materials

    ALL students are required to go to a bank, credit union, etc. and request a blank checkbook register.  It will be used throughout the class and is required for four major grades throughout the trimester.

    Please have this by November 20th!!

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