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4th Grade Science  View Blog


This year in 4th grade science, we will be exploring a large range of topics.  The content will be challenging, but I know that if we continue to work hard and do our best, we will be successful.  I do not give out grades, you earn them.  Don't forget to check the science BLOG.  This is another way we can connect!  Let's ROCK science!

  • Assessment #3

    Our next assessment over Light and Sound Energy will be Monday, November 13th.  

  • Assessment #2

    Our second assessment will take place on the 16th of October.  I am sure we will all do a great job!

  • Be Prepared

    Students will clip down for not being prepared for class. Please have your ISN, pencils, and assignments daily for class.

  • Solar Eclipse

    We will be viewing the Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21st. Please remember to follow all directions for they are there to keep us safe during this historic event!

  • Assessment

    Two Day Assessment:
    The first science assessment is scheduled for August 31st and September 01st.

  • Study Guide

    You can find the W.E.D Assessment Study Guide and answer key in the "Resources" folder located to the right.  Happy studying!

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    Weathering/Erosion (Ezrael)  - Our notes look different for we do not learn the same.
    Our Notes
    Students presented their structure that would hold up in their chosen Natural Disaster.
    Natural Disaster Projects
    Students created topographic maps on their hands.
    Emma and Payton work hard on their projects.
    Landforms & Bodies of Water Projects
    Students take notes while learning about different forms of energy. Use the acronym: Energy M.E.L.T.S!!
    Students worked on a STEM Bottle Flipping Learning Experience.
    Bottle Flipping
    Rocking and working hard in science class.
    Taking Notes in Class!
    Students creating "Brain Caps."
    Body Systems
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